E46 drift project part 1

 by otomoto on 16 May 2017 |
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Time for a new project here at Otomoto!
As I now I have a drift track down the road from my house, I thought I might get a drift beater. Unfortunately even the worst old Silvias and Skylines are no longer cheap at all, so looking around at other options I came up with a BMW E46. Yep, seriously. I can feel the hate already hehe. Still, at $1500 I reckon this 325Ci manual has plenty of potential.

Step one will be a dramatic weight loss program, HSD coilovers and an OS Giken LSD. More power and a better clutch will follow. For the sake of a starting point I took it over a weighbridge. With me and a full tank of fuel in it the car is 1565kg now. Rego papers say 1405kg tare weight, BMW say 1445kg kerb (includes oil and other fluids). The goal is close to 1400kg with me and a full tank of fuel.

First thing to strip out was the boot. Spare was 20kg, trim and carpet 9.3kg, toolkit jack and safety triangle 5.7kg, CD stacker and brackets 3.5kg. Already 38.5kg taken out before stripping the sound deadening

The following day I took out the rear seat and headrests (27.35kg) rear seatbelts (2.35kg) dash panel and C-pillar trims etc (3.25kg) rear speakers (1.1kg) and a load of brackets, latches and sound deadening that added up to 6.0kg.

The side trims and B-pillar trims also accounted for 6.9kg. Total for today another 44.9kg of weight saving, so 83.4kg to date. You might think the speakers are worth keeping since they are so light, but they will sound crap anyway with the seats gone and mounted on bare metal.
A note for anyone removing the side trims, there are three Torx screws in each one, two in the armrest and one hidden behind the little 'airbag' logos, which pop off. Basically if you want to do anything on a BMW you need a comprehensive set of Torx tools.

Since the factory handbrake isn't really aggressive I am fitting a KKR hydraulic handbrake ($149 on our website). Had to move the airbag sensor forward a bit to make room. More stripping coming in part 2.


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