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We have been the official importer of HSD in Australia since 2004.
HSD is made in South Korea by HD System Co. Ltd, a major supplier to many Japanese suspension brands.
Buying the HSD brand gets you the same top quality product at a much more competitive price.
Recently we have renamed our popular HR-type to  "Monopro" to match the name used by the UK distributor. As the name implies, Monopro uneis have mono-tube dampers (inverted on strut models) with 44mm internal piston size, 16-step damping adjustment, separate height and preload adjustment, plus a 12-month unlimited kilometre warranty. Strut models also have pillow-ball type adjustable camber plates at the front.
Our AD is also now called "Dualtech", indicating the use of a dual-tube type adjustable damper. Apart from this difference the Dualtech range offers all of the same features as the Monopro.
Otomoto also offers full after sales support and servicing, including alternative spring rates from just $100 a pair.
Contact us if you want to order your coilovers with different spring rates.
These coilovers are TUV-approved and suitable for both track and road use, however engineer approval may be required for road use. Please consult your local traffic authority.



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